Proposal #3: Jan 31st launch

Proposal for the launch of $ZKP and other smart contracts.

Panther is an interoperable privacy solution focused on the needs of DeFi users of all kinds and sizes.

Panther Protocol aims to be a truly decentralized protocol, governed from the start by its users and community via a decentralized launch. This proposal serves to bootstrap the launch of the Panther token and the activation of its vesting contract, minting, and initial distribution of $ZKP on Ethereum as per the details provided below.

As a member of the valued Panther community who has successfully completed KYC, you are being invited to participate in the exclusive Panther LaunchDAO. Voting in this proposal will also earn you rewards in the form of $ZKP, minted if the vote results in the launch of the protocol.

The Panther team and Foundation will not be participating in the vote and have no control over its outcome.

In alignment with our core mission, the voting process will use zero-knowledge proofs to ensure the privacy of all launch participants. Users who register will receive a new, non-transferable “$PreZKP” token on Polygon. $PreZKP allows users to participate in the Voting process.

The main points of this proposal include:

  1. To start the minting and vesting of the ZKP token to the following 13 pools with the mentioned parameters:

    Pools: Staking Rewards, Foundation - General, Foundation - Reserves, Foundation Bug Bounties, Foundation Education & Awareness, Pre-Seed Backers, Seed Backers, Private Sale 1, Private Sale 2, Private Sale 3, Public Sale Option 1, Public Sale Option 2, Early Team + Advisors

    Params: start date, duration, number of tokens, initially unlocked

  2. To distribute tokens from the vesting pools classified as “Foundation General”, “Foundation - Reserves”, “Foundation Bug Bounties”, “Foundation Education & Awareness”, according to the vesting schedule with the parameters stated below, to a multi-signature wallet for the Foundation created for this purpose.

  3. To distribute tokens from the Private Sale rounds pools, according to the vesting schedule with the parameters stated below.

  4. To distribute tokens from the Public Sale rounds pools, according to the vesting schedule in the Public Sale option that includes vesting.

  5. To set privileged roles with smart contracts (which allow for updates to existing smart contract configuration and additions of new smart contracts to the protocol) to holders of ZKP tokens collectively, via the mechanism of off-chain voting on protocol governance proposals via

  6. To set up a voting system in such a way that to vote on a governance proposal, a holder of ZKP tokens must stake tokens to a special governance staking contract with a minimum staking period of 7 days. These special staking contracts will also generate staking rewards to stakers, as detailed in the next item.

  7. To allocate 6.65M $ZKP out of the total 450M $ZKP allocated for protocol rewards, to be used for Staking Rewards over an initial 3 months period. Future rewards for protocol users, such as Privacy Staking and transacting within Shielded Pools, will be covered by separate vesting pools, when those aspects of the main protocol are released after the TGE.

  8. To protect, take corrective actions and minimize the risks caused by smart contract bugs, etc. This proposal will allow a set of signers of the DAO multisig to have an overrule power.

Below are the details of the contracts and token distribution.

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