Enable staking contracts with an initial staking rewards program as follows:

  • Individual stakes will be locked for 7 days, then can be unstaked any time after.

  • Staking rewards will span a 91 day period. This means that staking will be allowed until 7 days before the end of this period.

  • Total rewards will be fixed at 6.65M $ZKP, out of the total 450M $ZKP allocated for protocol rewards. These will vest from the Staking Rewards pool.

  • The following values will be used for the addTerms() call on the Staking contract:

    • isEnabled: true

    • isRewarded: true

    • minAmount (before scaling): 100 $ZKP

    • maxAmount (before scaling): not applicable (0)

    • allowedSince: Wed 2 Feb 00:00:00 UTC 2022

    • allowedTill: Wed 27 Apr 00:00:00 UTC 2022

    • lockedTill: not applicable

    • exactLockPeriod: not applicable

    • minLockPeriod: 7 days

This does not cover future rewards for protocol users, such as Privacy Staking and transacting within Shielded Pools, which will be covered by separate vesting pools, when those aspects of the main protocol are released after the TGE.

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